Seeing Red


Part 1

Before I get stuck into this one, let’s have a look at the group’s current public statements about health, how they present themselves to non-members.

BTW, light = True Light = Okiyome (their 'purifying energy from God').

The Sukyo Mahikari American site says, on their FAQs page:

Does light heal illness?

No. As the light purifies the spiritual aspect of human beings, positive effects can occur on many different levels. However, the purpose of the practice is for spiritual development.

On their Health page it says:

Receiving light is not a substitute for medical examinations and treatment. Sukyo Mahikari advises people that it is necessary to receive medical advice and take appropriate medical care of themselves and their families.

Their European site says about Health:

In general, the Western approach to health does not acknowledge a spiritual dimension. However, this attitude is gradually changing. By introducing more people to the principles that govern the universe, Sukyo Mahikari anticipates an era in which more people enjoy good health and well-being.

So, I guess that doesn’t sound too bad, if you’re into a bit of spiritual stuff in general. They sound kinda reasonable? Maybe? Fairly benign? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Well, hang onto your fucking hats, boys and girls. Cos here we go … down the rabbit hole of Mahikari’s actual teachings on health. What they don't tell in public. Despite their more benign public face, you can be 100% sure that their actual teachings have not changed.

There's a lot to discuss, so to save your eyes bleeding, I'll only assail your sensibilities a bit at a time, and do this over a few blog posts.

First of all, you need to know that God is getting a bit fed up with we humans, and the world is entering severe times, called the Baptism by Fire. What with COVID-19, climate change, and reality TV, I’m not arguing there. But this has been a constant warning, since the group surfaced in the late 1950s. Are we there yet?

Here's a quote from their 'bible', Goseigen:

Medicine (Kusuri), Revelation at 3:00 am on April 3, 1959

God feels true pity for the present condition of the world because you cherish medicine so much, just like ants that gather around sugar, so I shall clearly show you the Correct Path or the Vertical (spiritual) Path. Medicine (KUSURI) is not sugar. When it is overused, it can be the cause of losing mankind's spiritual power and facing disastrous death.

For reasons which could not be disclosed in public, God once allowed medicine to be used by humans. It was because of the Arrangement which could not be revealed in those days. However, there is a vast difference between the present condition and what God truly intended, so I [God] shall tell you [Okada] the truth. ...

Although you have been enjoying and have been allowed to enjoy this poison, even naming it medicine on your own, you should know that its true nature has been shown at the same time by the KOTODAMA of KUSURI. “KU” indicates suffering', which you always talk about, and the function of choking. “SU ' means the function of the power to control, and it also brings the phenomena of termination and restriction. It works as the power of decision, as the power used in the response of “yes!” and also as the power to stop. “RI” has the power to close, such as closing a door, to tighten and harden everything. ...

Therefore, God is finally going to intensely cleanse the poison of the triplicity of your MI (the spiritual, astral and physical bodies) and develop the positive spiritual power. Otherwise, the true children of God (HITO) will lose their original power, which will make fruitless the purpose for which God created His children, the Earth and food prepared for them. For this reason, God must finally carry out MISOGIHARAHI which is one of the causes of the evolution of the Divine Plan, progressing step by step towards the time of the Baptism of Fire. It is one of the most principal reasons for reinforcing the spiritual essence of Fire in the Universe.

It goes on further, but you get the gist. God used to let us use medicine for secret reasons, but now we can't, and we didn't pick up the hints He left us in the Japanese name for medicine, and now He's going to clean us up. So we can work for His plan.

Secondly, drugs and injections harden inside your body (hard drugs, get it?). Nope, no such thing as drug metabolism or excretion. I mean, why even bother having a liver and kidneys? Also frozen foods make your body harden from the cold, so don’t eat them. No ice cream for you! ☹️🚫🍦

This is what Okada (the founder) wrote for primary kenshu (the 3-day initiation/brainwashing course):

The poisons that go into your body by pouring them in or breathing them in become incredibly hard in your body. Medication or injections, for instance, when they are first put into your body they are in liquid form, a powder or something like that. Well, there'd be no problem if these toxins came out of your body after you put them in there, but they don't. They become solid.

So people who take in poisonous medication make their muscles change from living flesh to something like wood, and finally into something like mineral rock. Eventually such people make their muscles like concrete, Sukuinushisama* said.

In short, things become hard. And when things become hard like this, people call it a tumour, cancer and so on. But in fact it's only hardened medication that had been taken orally or through injections.

That's why more cancer is found in the so-called civilised people. Isn't cancer becoming a national disease in America and such countries? Lately in Japan as well there's been a tremendous increase in cancer.

Stupid medical researchers! Why haven’t they discovered that cancer tumors are made up of hardened medication yet? And I'm still shocked that my doctors haven't figured out I have concrete muscles.

Next thing to know. Germs help to cause fevers which can melt these toxins. The higher the fever, the harder the toxins they can melt. The gross stuff that comes out of you, like snot, phlegm, diarrhea, and pus, is the molten toxins coming out, cleaning the inside of your body. Because that's exactly how bodies work. 🙄

So it’s obvious that stopping a fever is stopping your body from being able to get rid of these toxins. Stopping diarrhea and runny noses, infected sinuses and in fact any infection of any type is also reprehensible! You’ve only got yourself to blame if you end up dying from cancer. 🤷🏼‍♀️

The beauty of Mahikari, though, is that Okiyome / Light can melt those hardened toxins in your body, too! Woo! So by receiving Light, you can avoid needing such a high fever to melt toxins and be purified. Or whatever.

But wait! There's more! It’s not just medicine and other crap you eat!

No, you can also generate toxins in your body by getting angry. So don't ever feel angry! See, proof is in kenshu teachings! 🚫😡

Human beings also generate poison when angry. That is why those who lose their temper lose out. This is why the lifespan of short-tempered people is short. It is because in such people's bodies more poison is generated than in other people. So, such a person accumulates a lot of poison in him during his lifetime.

If a person becomes impure it is necessary for God to clean his cells to let him achieve his natural lifespan, so a major cleaning will occur.

In other words, he'll get a major illness. So from now on everyone, please remember that if you get angry, you'll lose out.

BUT! All this is only 20% of the cause of so-called diseases which Mahikari do not acknowlege the existence of!

You’ve ALSO inherited a bunch of sins and impurities from your ancestors, going way back, and from humanity as a whole. AND let’s not forget attaching spirits. Who could forget those guys. They can be ancestors, other dead people, evil spirits, or animal spirits. They attach to your body, and can cause all kinds of diseases. 👻

Any 'disease' is 20% physical (crap you’ve been putting into your body) and 80% spiritual (attaching spirits, karma, negativity and other bad shit).

As it says in primary kenshu:

As I explained yesterday with various actual examples of spirit disturbance, 80% of problems are spiritual.

Therefore, the most important thing is to solve spirit disturbance. This is extremely important for human life, for all humankind as well.

Therefore, the main essence of medical science should really be solving spirit disturbance.


And how do you solve spirit disturbance, boys and girls? YES! You become a member of Mahikari, give Okiyome, offer Divine Service, make donations, have an ancestors’ altar, and all the rest. You put God and the Dojo first.

In short, in Mahikari, to the very end, healing (treatment) is not the aim. The aim is to become free of illness. What is particularly important here is to find out the spirit disturbance of the person and solve it. In solving the spirit disturbance guide the person to reverse his sōnen [innermost attitude]. This is the most important thing.

To the very end we have to make people repent from the soul and change into Divine character. If a person repents from the soul, he'll become a practitioner of Seihō Kami Muki, and arrangements will occur for health, harmony and wealth naturally. Okiyome is for this purpose.

What Sukuinushisama* and Oshienushisama** strongly emphasised as the medicine of the future is “true medicine for the salvation of the world, medicine (great study) in which the trinity, spiritual medicine, mental medicine and material medicine, are combined as one body.”

And the point is that spiritual medicine makes up at least 80%. Mental and material medicine combined is 20% at the most. Because thinking in this modern age is opposite to this, there are diseases with unknown causes and the number of sick people is increasing.

So the Yōkōshi [sunlight children] movement is to try to change this current flow and give rise to a medicine (great study) for the sake of mankind.

Please distinguish this matter clearly.

I gotta say, re-reading all this stuff is making me feel sick. Must be spirit disturbance ...

*Sukuinushisama is Okada, the founder dude. *Oshienushisama is Okada's 'adopted daughter' (cough* mistress cough), who 'inherited' the leadership from Okada after he died and a huge legal battle.

Photo credit: Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash

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So, what's Mahikari's True Light, okiyome, crap all about? It is supposedly coming directly to you from God Itself. Channeled through your omitama to your hand. Bypassing your filthy soul.

The Mahikari people (kamikumite, or kumite for short) spout off about it being a purifying energy, something that can dissolve toxins from your body, your cat, your garden, your food, your school, your home, the road, and even your car. Because it's so fucking great and miraculous, you need to do it a lot. A LOT. Like, every day. A lot.

If you're really devoted proper like, you're supposed to give and receive at least a basic session of okiyome every day. So you need at least one willing victim, I mean, subject. And you ideally need to hook up (not in a fun sexy way) with another kumite who can give you a session of okiyome too.

A ‘basic session’ of okiyome takes 30 minutes. It starts with both of you bowing and clapping and saying prayers. If you're hard core, you'll both be kneeling on the ground, on thin mats. Otherwise, on chairs facing each other.

Then the subject closes their eyes and puts their hands together. The kumite then recites a really long prayer in invented ‘ancient Japanese’ rubbish. It takes over a minute to recite. They say it’s in an incredibly ancient language, which is why modern Japanese people can’t understand the mystical sounds and meaning. Uh huh. Or maybe it’s just cos you MADE IT UP. The Divine World Prayer, or Amatsu Norigoto. I can still recite huge chunks of it, cos memorising this bullshit was one of the first tasks you had to do if you wanted to join. And I chanted at least once a day, if not more often (more was always better!) for over a decade! Wish I could get it the fuck out of my head. Here’s an explanation of sorts.

Once the prayer is over, the session starts with radiating this mysterious non-existent energy towards the subject's ‘main soul’ (third eye, forehead etc), for ten minutes. During this time the subject has to keep their eyes closed, and the kumite has to visualise a stream of golden light, streaming from their hand through the person’s head, focussed on a spot in the middle of the skull. All sorts of imagining of love, and grace, and positive intent too.

Photo of someone receiving Light

At the end of ten minutes, the kumite does a rather dramatic gesture. The big thing when you’re giving okiyome to the soul spirit is that the attaching spirits (THAT’S a whole ‘nother blog post) on the recipient are also receiving Light at the same time, and they might be getting upset, or sad, or chucking a tantrum, or feeling angry or generally trying to affect the recipient and their mind more than usual. So you have to get these spirits to calm the fuck down! This is achieved by the giver sweeping both hands in an upside down V shape from the recipient’s head, to the ground, three times, and saying ‘Oshizumari!’ very loudly with each sweep. THAT’LL DO IT, LADS!

After this, the person turns around, and they get Light radiated to the back of their neck, in two spots on each side of the neck. To help with blood flow to the brain. APPARENTLY. And then they get to lie down, the best part, and receive Light on their kidneys. Nice time to drift off for a bit of a nap. That’s a basic session.

If you’re going for a full session, you can receive an extra 20 minutes of Light to other parts, so if you have a rash, you’d get extra Light there, or whatevs. There were whole classes on where to give Light to for all sorts of different conditions. All of it ridiculous, of course. There has been some attempt by the organisation to remove itself from initial claims about being able to cure things, and they now use 'spiritual purification' instead. Too many lawsuits, hmmm? 🤔

I just realised why I hate wearing watches now ... we always had to wear a watch, to time our sessions. Huh.

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