Seeing Red


In case you don’t notice, I am fucking furious. F U R I O U S.

I just came across this teaching in the Primary Kenshu (what they now call the Spiritual Development Course). It’s in the section about sins and impurities common to all humankind. This is a screen shot of the actual document that the lecturer is instructed to read 'exactly like a parrot’. I’d forgotten it.

So. God created your body and it was perfect. The highest object of art. (Evolution has actually created a human body that's lucky to work, or else God's design is a bit shit and He meant that.) And if you do anything to it like sticking needles in it (injections, vaccinations, piercings, shock horror TATTOOS) it’s defiling God’s art, God’s property! That’s YOU, by the way.

Now, if you have had any surgery, that causes massive sins and impurities from wounding God’s physical body property (that’s YOU).

Needless to say, if one has a surgical operation, the sins and impurities are even greater.


If you needed surgery as a baby — A BABY — you accumulated great sins and impurities. If you broke your arm and needed surgery, you accumulated sins and impurities. If you needed your gall bladder removed, or cataracts removed, or a skin cancer removed, or an emergency heart operation, or a Caesarian to save your baby, or anything surgical done at all — yep, you accumulated massive sins and impurities.

How. Fucking. Dare. They.

The surgery might have been inevitable, and necessary to save your life, but you probably needed the surgery because of your family’s horrendously deep sins and impurities. But having the surgery adds the debt back on.

They also say that going through suffering, like illness (untreated by ‘so-called medical science’) is cleaning, erasing your sins and impurities.

This is the worst sort of manipulation and fear indoctrination. What an evil way to ensure your followers are certain of their deep sins and impurities and the ‘debt they owe’ your 'so-called God’.

How many of us have got through life without a single needle, without a single scalpel cut, let alone without a piercing or tattoo? Oh, practically none of us?! Well isn’t that convenient?! That's everyone in the room, then.

The first time you hear this you’re sitting in the primary course, all keen to absorb their 'special teachings', trying to accept what you’re hearing. Being told to be obedient. And you will quickly discover that you are shameful, defiling yourself without even knowing it, and have to start with an ‘attitude of apology’ otherwise God will not save you! Let’s create shame and guilt from the very start!

This makes me sick. This is the lowest of the low. Utterly. Disgusting.

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