Seeing Red


Mahikari’s great at thought-stopping catch phrases. One of their absolute favourites is ‘Be grateful for anything and everything, from morning til night.’

This is very handy for stopping people complaining about, well, everything.

It is good to be awake, it is good to be asleep and it is good to be living. All is good. How gracious it is that nothing bad exists.*

Fucking gracious, eh?

Anything ‘bad’ is happening to you to erase your negative karma. So that’s good, right? And if you complain, that’s only going to erase the positive effects of your suffering. You’d just go backwards, you idiot.

If you’re still suffering, it’s proof that you are basically a bit evil:

If the suffering from disease, poverty or discord continues for a long time in your life, you should realise that it is a sign of much spiritual impurity.

If disease, poverty, conflict or disaster linger on, you shall understand that it is proof of your living in pseudo-truth [Shin-nyo] and the adverse way [Gyakuho].

[Norigoto [Prayer Book] Mahikari no Waza, pg 132 (verses 87-5 and 87-6)]

Did you stub your toe? Don’t complain. Have the flu? Great cleansing, removing impurities from your body. Be happy you’re sick! Congratulations!

You lost your job? Great! Your kid had an accident? Get cancer? House burnt down in catastrophic bushfires (we see you, Australia ❤️)? Child drowns? Family crushed in a landslide? Woo hoo! Keep on smiling! It’s great, nothing bad to see here!

People literally congratulated you for being sick or having some misfortune. They would sympathise, but basically, it was a good thing that's happened to you, even if it was hard. Even shockingly awful stuff. A friend of mine died in an awful accident, a lovely gentle intelligent man, who only did good in his life — and I was told that he deserved it. He was erasing his karma.

Nothing bad exists. NOTHING. So that’s great.

I think the worst one is that if you’re being abused by your partner, you should stay with them, let them keep abusing you, and be grateful to them for helping you to erase your obviously deep negative karma. Once you finally elevate yourself enough, and erase enough karma, then their abusive behaviour will naturally improve. Because everything is in balance. If you're being treated horrifically badly, it's effectively your fault. I don’t see how that message can be acceptable at any fucking point.

Shallow is the heart which makes judgments of good or bad. It is like a shallow river where many ripples of problems always appear.*

Don’t want a shallow heart, hey? Be always smiling yokoshi**! Always present a positive face to the world, to show how great Mahikari is! Keep smiling through the blood and tears and cuts and bruises. We got really good at wearing our masks. They were grafted on.

When one regards illnesses and misfortunes as bad phenomena, he has already forgotten the Principle of MISOGI (the cleansing of one's spiritual contamination) which is brought about by the Great Love of God.*

I for one can do without the Great Love of God, thank you very much. He can fuck off.


[*These quotes are from the Mahikari Prayer Book, Norigoto, and the particular prayer: Yoshi Ashi — Good and Bad, pg 177 (verses 115-3 – 115-5)]

** Yokoshi = sun light children

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