Stomp, stomp, stomp

A small gem for you today. This is a teaching from the Advanced Kenshu (ie third and most advanced initiation) of Sukyo Mahikari.

“In the beginning God created millions of dinosaurs to solidify earth.”

So dinosaurs were created to stomp around and make the earth solid. Sounds like something my toddler would come up with.

Bit like making a nice pastry dough from a crumbly flour and butter mix, tampering coffee when making an espresso, or compacting a new road with a 30 tonne roller machine thingy ...

“Hey Fred, you missed a bit over there!”

“Fuck off Jim, you haven't finished that mountain range, who are you to talk?!”

They only 'reveal' these sorts of teachings at the most advanced level because anyone who is less brainwashed by this crowd would laugh hysterically and walk away.

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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